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Our Sustainable Hospitality Best Practices

WELCOME to Budget Green Hotels & Tours - San Jose Costa Rica

We invite you to know more about our Our Sustainable Hospitality Best Practices - please check:

I really hope someday we (human beings) are going to learn how to change the whole pattern of our behaviour and developement in order to be more sustainable. I also hope nature is going to pressure us to learn faster, - NATURE IS GOING TO TEACH US - It is going to be hard, but...


Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

Welcome to Budget Hotels & Tours in Costa Rica

We offer different tours, please check: to see the list and descriptions.

These are the most popular tour activities, please if you need additional information or a different activity or tour, Contact Us


Budget Hotels San Jose Costa Rica

Welcome to Budget Hotels San Jose Downtown Costa Rica.

We offer two hotel / hostel ideal for backpacker and budget travelers in the middle of the action, near to almost all the bus stations to travel around the country. You will find banks, malls, museums, casinos, sportbooks, theaters ...

Hotel Capital and La Pampa Hostel - VISIT US --- >

We also offer Budget Tours around the country - adventure, nature, relax, and so on.

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